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Big Fish

Big Fish

Dates: November 6-8, 2015

Director: Scott Severance

Music Director:  Judy Hayward

Choreographer: Bethany Cassidy

Big Fish – Cast List


Older Edward – Stuart Harmon

Young Edward – Matt Kaiser

Older Sandra – Susan Schott

Young Sandra – Sarah Wenrich

Will – Adam Eckmair

Older Jenny Hill – Cheri Birch

Younger Jenny Hill – Lauren Fohlin

Josephine – Anja Ward

Don Price – Chris O’Dwyer

Zachy Price – Cam Cassella

Amos – Mario Arruda

Karl – Dan Desmarais

Witch – Laura Millar

Dr. Bennett – Don Smith-Weiss

Tina Cassidy – Featured tapper

Sarah DeLisle – RW&B trio  (with Young Sandra)

Dereck A. Deblois – Fisherman

Lauren Fohlin – RW&B trio  (with Young Sandra)

Bob Frasca – Mayor of Ashton

Heidi Guidmore – Featured tapper

Cam Morin – General Patterson

Chris O’Dwyer – Red Fang

Jen Sassak – Featured tapper

Young Will – Ben Morton



Tina Cassidy

Sarah DeLisle

Dereck A. Deblois

Bob Frasca

Kate Gaudet

Heidi Guidmore

Cam Morin

Chris O’Dwyer

Big Fish Character Descriptions

EDWARD/YOUNG EDWARD – age 30-55.  Edward is a charming, charismatic storyteller.  He is a devoted,yet absent, father nearing the end of his life and wanting to reconnect with his son.  He’s comfortable in his own skin, but hopes for his son’s approval.  He loves his wife, his son, and telling stories.

Songs: Be The Hero

Fight the Dragons


Start Over

How It Ends

Time Stops

Closer to Her


Red, White, and True

SANDRA /YOUNG SANDRA– age 25-55.  Sandra is patient, calm, and the perfect balance to Edward’s enthusiasm.  She adores and appreciates Edward and tries to bring reconciliation to her husband and son.

Songs: Two Men in My Life

I Don’t Need a Roof

Time Stops


Red, White, and True

WILL – age 20-30.  Will is an adult, but still a little boy.  He’s an earnest, serious, thoughtful young man wanting to reconnect with his father, but he’s unable to appreciate Edward’s romantic view of life.  He’s a successful professional and a new husband.

Songs: Strangers


What’s Next

Be the Hero Reprise

JOSEPHINE –  age 18-30.  Will’s wife.  Josephine acts as the bridge between Will and Edward.  Often on stage, but no singing.  Serious character acting.

KARL – age 18-40.  The Giant.  Edward’s best friend.  Karl is intelligent, hermit-like, and has quiet charisma.  Needs a booming voice and a large personality.  Also needs to be decently tall, but not a giant.  Bass voice, and ability to walk on stilts.

Songs: On the Road

Start Over

AMOS – age 30-50.  Circus owner.  He also happens to be a werewolf.  Needs an actor able to portray strong, outgoing personality and humor.

Songs: Closer to Her

Start Over

WITCH – age 20-40.  Commanding performer with great confidence and storytelling ability.  She convinces Edward to pursue a big life without fear.  Belting mezzo.

Songs: I Know What You Want

JENNY HILL/YOUNG JENNY HILl –  age 18-35.  Edward’s first girlfriend.   She has dignity and honesty, and is crucial in helping Will understand Edward and Edward’s motivations.

Songs: Ashton’s Favorite Son

Out There On the Road

DON PRICE – age 20-45.  Bully.  Sandra’s first fiancee.  Bigger than life acting style.

Songs: Out There On the Road

Start Over

ZACKY PRICE – age 20-45.  Nerdy brother and shadow of Don Price.

DOCTOR BENNETT – age 45-75.  Warm, kind, frank, soft spoken friend and physician of Edward.

ASSORTED CHARACTERS:  Red Fang (assassin), Ashton Mayor, Alabama Lambs, Fisherman


Songs: Be the Hero

I Know What You Want

Wedding Scene

Ashton’s Favorite Son

Out There On the Road

Closer to Her

Auburn (pre Daffodils)

Red, White, and True


Start Over

What’s Next


All Shook Up

All Shook UpApril 17-19, 2015

Director: Scott Severance

Music Director: Judy Hayward

Choreographer: Bethany Cassidy